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Impact Strategies are the only way to Strategise

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What I Do

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Engelberg is a privately owned strategic consulting firm founded by Ms. Michal Engelberg.

Michal established the company in 2017 aiming to provide the emerging new economy an advanced strategic model; A model which integrates growth in several directions simultaneously and mainly accomplishes social and environmental impact together with financial success.


Michal's academic background includes Political Science, Gender Studies, Group Facilitation, Yoga Teaching and an MBA with a focus on business strategy.

Her professional experience has similarly been a journey of gathering varied wisdom – and her systemic outlook reflects this experience.

From her early days at HSBC Bank as Executive Assistant to the CEO, to her years at Citi heading the corporate social responsibility department – and tripling the initiatives coming out of Israel – through to many years as an independent strategy consultant and business coach. Michal believes in a highly personalised, interdisciplinary approach, serving up gentle but incisive change in her processes.

I lead strategic processes that incorporate financial growth as well as impact growth - both at the top priority of every strategy.

I use strategic tools and methods taken from both business management as well as public policy and social change theories, and I restructure hybrid models tailored for the needs of each organisation.

I specialise in Change Management and Stakeholders Engagement as key components in strategic processes. Only when you co-work with champions, both external and internal to the organisation, you can actualise new realities.

  • Strategic Processes - From analysis to implementation

  • Personal guidance to CEOs and C level Executives

  • Lectures and workshops

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