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"Michal has helped steer Eretz-Ir's strategy at a number of crossroads in the organization's growth.

She is proficient in everyday tasks and techniques, but also helps articulate a vision and wider goals:

She guided our management team through various processes, including designing a model for financial sustainability using innovative practices, building management processes to reframe our organizational vision and strategy, then create a work plan to implement these changes into the organization. 

I highly recommend Michal to anyone who is looking for a professional who combines knowledge of best practices with patience and insight, who helps keep your eyes on the ultimate goal. It is rare to find someone in the field with such a sensitivity to the needs of an organization and who can help build strategy from the top down to all employees as well as outwards to partners and stakeholders."


"My journey with Michal was an intensive and fruitful process. Michal made me go through a personal journey, that reflected on my professional path. She taught me how to plan 3-5 years ahead and how to break it to milestones and action items that would eventually bring me to the end goal. She gave me useful tools and practiced critical thinking frameworks. And most importantly – I had the opportunity to learn and see how women can fulfil their professional desires without compromising on work-life balance, family aspirations and working terms.

The outcome was that I was very focused on my goals, shifted all my efforts towards it and eventually upgraded my professional position. I am thankful to her and I highly recommend her professional services."

KEREN LEVY | EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR | The Korea Israel Innovation Center

It is a tremendous pleasure working with Michal Engelberg as a Stretegic consultant for my project on Rivers & Streams Restoration at the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, an environmental NGO. I find Michal to be highly professional and I strongly endorse Michal for her excellent strategic skills and understanding of the theory of change and its role in strategic planning and evaluation of my project.

Michal's insight and advice for the project are invaluable, particularly when dealing with some of the challenges that arise from working with different stakeholders and a complex environment.

Michal is an incredible asset to the project and is able to think outside of the box, she is able to see the big picture and all the small steps we need to take to get us to accomplish the 'big picture'.

On a personal level Michal is a delightful individual to be around. She is kind, knowledgeable, hard-working and extremely reliable.


Michal helped me to organize and plan out the next professional steps in my career. She helped me to crystallize my long term goals and to act towards achieving those. 

Working on my career paths with Michal and talking about the different options gave me the confidence I needed in order to leave a professional partnership I wasn't happy with and to find a great place where I'm currently working at in a new role that is highly satisfying and is right to my career development. Michal's consultant process confront me with insights that act today as my source of truth when dealing with a new professional intersection.


במשך שנה אימצתי את מיכל כמדריכה שתוביל אותי בעולם חדש עבורי. בעזרתה יכולתי בכל נקודת זמן לצאת מהפוזיציה הרגעית ולבחון את המצב מערכתית.

תפיסה אסטרטגית לא היתה חלק מארגז הכלים שלי עד לפני שנה. יחד עם מיכל פיתחתי אותה. החל מהגדרת חזון והצבת ערכים מרכזיים, בחינת מטרות אסטרטגיות ודרכי פעולה. הבנה של פוליטיקה פנים וחוץ ארגונית, מיומנויות של ניהול, התמודדות במצבי קונפליקט הם חלק מהכלים שהתווספו לי בעזרת מיכל.

בליווי שלה הרגשתי כי מפגישה לפגישה היא  מחזיקה עבורי רצף שלעיתים לא היה לי ברור. יכולת הניתוח וההבנה שלה מצבים פוליטיים ארגוניים ואישיים ותהליכים של שינוי סייעה לי לראות תמונה רחבה יותר וליעל את דרכי הפעולה שלי.

מיכל ניחנה ביכולות רבות, שונות זו מזו לכאורה, לקוחות מעולמות שונים אשר דרכה הן משתלבות ויוצרות סינרגיה מעוררת השראה. כך מושגים של תקציב ותכנית עבודה דוברו בין השאר גם דרך תפיסת עולם בודהיסטית.

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