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Impact Strategies.

Grow your business the good way.


Engaging stakeholders throughout the strategic process will result in successful outcomes when it comes to leading a change.


You need to know your market in order to design a strategy, but knowing is not enough - understanding is the key.


"Plans are nothing; Planning is everything"

Dwight Eisenhower


To offer a strong competitive advantage in an unstable reality you need to consider several drivers of value. 


Moonshot - an ambitious, exploratory and ground-breaking idea, executed without any expectation of near-term profitability or benefit.

Impact Strategies?

Impact Strategies are designed to financially grow your business while increasing social good. And vice verse; increasing your social impact while gaining financial stability.

It's a known fact that Social/Governmental/Environmental considerations are good for businesses; they lower risks, increase internal satisfaction and strengthen the brand.

So why do we so often overlook this when designing a long term strategy? 

Because this is what we were taught to do. Not any more.

How do I do good?

  1. Lead Strategic Processes with organizations including Analysis, Formulation and Execution

  2. Guide Executives in strategic thinking, change processes and decision making.

  3. Inspire people through lectures, sessions and workshops.

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Good people

said good stuff

Everyone I work with is extremely professional and knowledgable, my role is to allow them to shine by objectively reflecting facts.

When I kindly asked them to reflect on me this is what they said:

Drop me a line, I promise to be good and get back to you

Well received!


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